If you would fly across country to visit a theme park run by a mouse, why wouldn’t you fly to Arizona to have your GYN surgery performed by the most skilled and accredited surgeons in the country?  Whether you’re planning a quick stop over to have your surgery done by the experts, or planning to extend you trip into the surgery you need as well as some well deserved relaxation time, the Phoenix/Scottsdale area is the ideal destination.

1.) If your planning a short trip and it’s back to work –

We have surgery centers and hospitals within a very short distance of Sky Harbor. For most procedures you can fly in for an afternoon procedure and fly out that same evening. Many cities offer direct flights to Sky Harbor International. Followup care can be managed over the phone and with the assistance of qualified practitioners in your area when you return home.

2.) Why not make your surgery into an extended vacation? Check out all the Phoenix / Scottsdale area has to offer, including:
Phoenix – Luxury Resorts, especially the Desert Ridge Marriot Resort and Spa
Prescott – Amazing Wineries
Scottsdale – Resorts including Sanctuary on Camelback Resort and Spa and The Westin Kierland Resort and Spa
Sedona – Red Rock Mountains and Sight Seeing

Our helpful staff will work with you, including analyzing your medical records, working to get your surgery approved for completion in Arizona, and then helping you coordinate your stay in Arizona. With our surgical team’s ultra minimally invasive techniques you can count on being back on your feet and back into your life more quickly. There’s no reason that can’t include a relaxing vacation one of the Phoenix/Scottsdale area’s world class resorts and spas as you recover.

*We have found most insurance plans will authorize surgery as “in-network” once we discuss with them the necessity to complete the procedure through minimally invasive techniques, and describe to them that having the procedure elsewhere could mean a much more invasive procedure, which inevitably means a longer hospital stay, longer recovery, and a more costly bottom line. While most insurances will grant “in-network” authorization based on these circumstances we will need to analyze each individual set of circumstances before we can assure authorization and book the procedure.  Please fax all medical records and insurance information to our fax at (480)999-0801, or call 1-855-GYN-SURG to find out how we can make your surgery as minimally invasive as possible by traveling to Arizona.